On Screen

In 2009, contemporary a cappella came to American television in the form of a new reality show called the Sing-Off. The fourth season just wrapped in 2013 and has been responsible for making superstars out of a cappella singers and groups. Additionally, the show has led to spinoffs overseas in the Netherlands and China.

Most of the background music you hear in the show (besides the theme song) was custom created by us, or taken from one of our albums. The show has already featured over 50 different song clips of ours in the
US and Europe, including:

The “tension bed” played during all elimination sequences;

The “cold open” played under the opening videos;

Our “cocoa” bumper, initially created for Nota, used
to and from commercial often.

..and Host Nick Lachey’s theme music is from “You Were Everything” off of our album Level!

As a matter of fact, during each episode of The Sing-Off, you may be hearing more of the House Jacks than any group featured in the show competition…without even realizing it!

It just so happens that we have the largest lyricless library of contemporary a cappella music clips in the world. If you’re interested in using any of them for your web site, video game, radio show, movie,
television show or anything else, please contact us here.

Another secret:  Our own Troy Horne was subbed in as the bass for Urban Method in Season 3!

Armed with that information, watch the show.  Season Four is on its way. It’s a fun look at some of the nation’s best in a cappella.  Listen for those tracks, and see if you can find other moments when the House Jacks helped make the Sing-Off hum!

The Sing-Off: featuring music from our 2010 album, Level!                

Pitch Perfect: Vocal Produced by one of the Jacks and features a THJ arrangement!    

A cappella was further engrained into mainstream culture by way of the big screen in 2012,with the release of Pitch Perfect, a movie about the collegiate a cappella scene–a scene that has exploded before our very ears in recent years. The movie spent a considerable amount of time at the top of the box office and the soundtrack fared exceptionally well on the popular music charts. Fortunately, The House Jacks had a hand in this a cappella landmark as well. As you may well know, the audition scene in the movie featured a House Jacks arrangement of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”, which can be heard on The House Jacks’ live album, “Get Down Mr. President”.

Here’s the scene from the movie!

As for behind-the-scenes involvement, Deke wore a number of ‘hats’ in the production of the movie, including Vocal Producer, Music Director, and Arranger…and that of Male Voice #1!

Here, you can see Deke prepping the cast for the big screen.

As a matter of fact, Pitch Perfect was so successful that the producers and cast decided to create a sequel. As if there were any doubt, Deke was brought on board once again in the role of vocal producer, as well as lending his vocal and arranging talents to the mix.

As you may have noticed, one BIG thing was missing from the first movie. That thing is simply this: SUPERHUMAN low notes. The producers decided to rectify that problem in the sequel by bringing in THJ’s own Elliott Robinson into the mix as Ringer #3 to deliver on the sub-50 Hz goodness (as well as other vocal lines scattered about the movie) that you know and love him for. Pitch Perfect 2 shot in 2014 and released on May 15, 2015.

inside aca

The start to 2013 saw the release of a new a cappella entertainment news series, Inside A Cappella. Throughout the course of this weekly YouTube periodical, one can see a some of a cappella’s leading personalities and artists sharing tips, giving accolades, ranting, or just making a fool of themselves. Do not be surprised to see a House Jack make an appearance every once in awhile.

For instance, Mr. Pointer, here.

What’s that you say? The voices in the intro sound oddly familiar? You’re right on the money—once again, the voices of The House Jacks.


The House Jacks are beyond excited to see the a cappella movement go from big, to huge, to colossal. We look forward to not only staying involved with the movement, but perpetually innovating, twisting and bending the genre, and sharing our music and adventures with you incredible people, both near and far.

Aca-hungry? Come get fed. Aca-thirsty? Come get quenched. THJ has your back.