“Pollen” – 2014 Studio Album

(2014) POLLEN is a House Jacks world tour of musical friendships. These ten tracks feature 12 collaborators:  The Swingles, MICapella, Maybebop, BR6, Cadence, Exit, Voco Novo, the Idea of North, Freeman, Cluster, Postyr Project, and Kaichiro Kitamura. CARA Award Winner: Best Pop/Rock Album. Runner-up honorable mentions for As It Falls Apart (Best Pop/Rock Song) and Talk2Me (Best Hip-Hop/R&B Song). Track List:

  1. As It Falls Apart (feat MICappella) – written by Austin Willacy
  2. Your Love (feat Maybebop) – written by Nick Girard
  3. Get What You Need (feat Cluster) – written by John Pointer
  4. Talk2Me (feat Postyr Project) – written by Elliott Robinson
  5. Crazy (feat The Idea of North) – written by Austin Willacy
  6. Wo Ai Ni (feat Voco Novo & Freemen) – written by Deke Sharon and Christine Liu
  7. This Life (feat the Swingles) – written by John Pointer
  8. Got What You Wanted (feat Kaichiro Kitamura and Exit) – written by Austin Willacy
  9. Confessional (feat Cadence) – written by John Pointer
  10. Quiet Moon (feat BR6) – written by Deke Sharon

“Level” – 2010 Studio Album

(2010) LEVEL From hard rock to sexy R&B to dirty blues, this studio album takes vocal music to new heights. It features 12 original tracks that are packed with loads of energy, killer grooves, and slick production. Find out what the buzz is about…experience LEVEL.

Track List:

  1. You Were Everything
  2. Days of Desire
  3. You’re the One
  4. From the Boy in Me
  5. The Boy is Gone
  6. The Path You Walk
  7. So Bad (It Feels So Good)
  8. Red Dress
  9. Believe
  10. All Away
  11. Show Your Face
  12. To the Only One

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