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New album "Level"
The House Jacks' latest record is available NOW! Download from iTunes!

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Troy Horne returns to the Jacks!
He recently starred as Tom Collins in the Broadway production of "Rent" Troy's back to tour the world with us!

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The Jacks featured on NBC's The Sing-Off !
The House Jacks recorded the majority of the background music on NBC's a cappella reality show "The Sing-Off", in addition to Deke being brought in as a musical consultant for the show.

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JACKStory #1 and #2
The House Jacks have a new toy. It's a video camera. Now, our complete lack of intellect is available for your viewing pleasure. We present JACKStory #1 and JACKStory #2.

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All House Jacks albums iTunes!
All House Jacks albums, from Naked Noise to Good Things are now on iTunes! Check 'em out!

w e l c o m e

The House Jacks of San Francisco are the original rock band without instruments. Using nothing more than their five voices (and mouths), they deliver everything from blistering funk to screaming rock to heart-melting ballads for their ever-growing legions of fans.

These pioneering musicians have performed over 1,000 shows and have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music, having performed for live crowds of 100,000+, with appearances on at least 3 continents each year.

They can be heard on movie soundtracks and their jingles for everything from radio stations to theme parks have been heard (and seen) by millions around the world.

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