"a one man a cappella revolution" - Boston Globe
"the maven of the a cappella movement" - Oakland Tribune
"the a cappella expert" - Ottawa Citizen
"the voice of a cappella music" - Songwriters Monthly
"a musical genius, an a cappella giant" - Ithaca Times
"the father of contemporary a cappella" - Mickey Rapkin, Pitch Perfect

Deke Sharon began singing at age 5, and by age 9 he was touring with the San Francisco Boys Chorus. In fact, he missed an entire month of Fourth Grade which is why to this day he thinks Ponce De Lion is some species of animal.

Deke would probably have been pummeled daily in the schoolyard for being a "songbird" if he weren't the tallest kid in the class. He took this as a divine sign that he should make a career of a cappella (which is a good thing because he wasn't any good at basketball).

Deke is the lead arranger of the group, and has written many of the group's songs. His most recent songwriting contributions are "You're The One" and "Throw What You Know", which can be heard on our upcoming album due to be released in Spring of 2009.

When he's not busy Jackin', Deke's busy building an a cappella empire:

* He formed the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (www.casa.org) in his dorm room in college, and now it's an international force in vocal music.

* He publishes sheet music through his company Contemporary A Cappella Publishing (www.capublish.com), and has done over 1,000 custom arrangements for groups around the world through the Ultimate A Cappella Arranging Service

Deke * He helps form and direct groups, such as Disneyworld's American Vybe and LA's Vybration (formerly Disneyland's Groove 66).

* He produces a cappella recordings (Denmark's BaSix, Utah's Moosebutter, the Tufts Beelzebubs, etc), leads seminars on a cappella, coaches groups and teaches private lessons.

For more information about Deke's various a cappella activities, visit http://www.totalvocal.com

And when he needs a break from a cappella he enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and family time.

Deke's birthday is December 12, and his e-mail address is deke@housejacks.com.

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