Media Quotes

Celebrity Reviews

Great!” – President Bill Clinton

“I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!” – Ray Charles

“You guys are gonna be real big!” – James Brown

“Don’t beam me up, Scotty, this is the best a cappella I’ve ever heard!” – George Takei

“Untouchable!” – Aaron Neville

“Man! They can really sing!” – The Temptations

“I’m your Number 1 Fan!” –Rick Dees

“Terrifyingly Funky!” – The Gap Band

“F***in’ great!” – Jerry Lawson, The Persuasions

“It was great working with you!…By the way, you’re really cute!” – The Pointer Sisters

Really Excellent!” – Michael Buffer

“Very entertaining!” – Ann Stack, Social Secretary, The White House,Washington, D.C.



Media Reviews

“Precisely executed harmonies…slick vocal percussion!” – BAM Magazine

“Terrific!” – WCRB TV (NBC) – Chattanooga

“The most amazing orchestration of voices!” – KTVU (Fox)

“Hot!” – KGO-TV (ABC) San Francisco

“They sing up a storm in perfect a cappella harmony…Their music is as current as tomorrow’s news.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Amazing voices, impressive arrangements, dynamic stage presence!” – Oakland Tribune

“You guys rule! You guys rock! Take my girlfriend!” – “Mancow” Muller, ChicagoShock Jock

“Prepare to be blown away! The House Jacks have more potential than Boyz IIMen and the Backstreet Boys combined. This is some of the best music around,period!” – Songwriter’s Monthly

“Vocal Gymnastics!” – San Luis Obispo Times

“Burning up the West Coast with their dense, complex sound!” – Cleveland Free Times

“Fresh…Funky…Infectious!” – Eugene Register-Guard

“Astonishingly precise vocal drumming!” – The New York Times

“A Cappella with Attitude!” –BBC

“Hip!” – ABC World News Tonight

“Stylishly diverse songs…complete with whammy-bar guitarsounding riffs…rhythm and blues…grunge…It’s ofen hard to believe the sounds of instruments are voices.” – Davis Enterprise