Nick Girard-Biography

Originally from a small town in Maine, Nick Girard’s first encounter with contemporary a cappella was as a college freshman at the University of Vermont. Enticed by The Top Cats’ marketing slogan “Chicks Dig Guys Who Sing,” Nick joined the group as a tenor, served as music director for 2 years and eventually became the group’s vocal percussionist.

In 2006, Nick founded and directed Overboard, a Boston-based professional a cappella group that has gone on to produce seven albums with multiple CARA and ACA award wins and nominations. Overboard has toured all across the US, served as the hosts and clinicians for The Voice Festival: UK in London and joined the bill with the Melrose Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops show in 2013.

In 2009, Nick expanded into the world of studio production. An internationally celebrated arranger and recording engineer, his work can be heard on some of the best high school, collegiate and professional a cappella records in the world. In 2011, he began working for The Sing-Off as a vocal producer, arranger, composer and audio engineer. His work has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and the BBC.

Since 2011, Nick has been touring internationally as a member of the groundbreaking vocal rock band, The House Jacks (with aca-legend Deke Sharon), performing and leading workshops for audiences around the globe.

In January 2015, Nick married fellow aca-superstar Clare Wheeler of The Swingle Singers and now splits his time between the US and the UK. In the summer of 2015 Nick joined the ranks of UK group The Magnets, and will be performing with The Swingle Singers for their 2015 Christmas season.
Most recently Nick has been featured as one of 7 Celebrity Jurors on Gareth Malone’s “The Naked Choir” currently airing on BBC Two on Tuesday nights at 9pm GMT.

When not involved in all things a cappella, Nick enjoys cooking, rock climbing, and studying karate. He has promised to stop doing that because it makes the rest of us look bad, but he did it while making this face:

* What’s your favorite backstage snack?

Blueberries. Preferably Maine blueberries, but I’m not a diva about it

* If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Chuck Norris

* What’s your favorite bad movie?

Anything with Jean-Claude Van Damme in it

* What’s the worst album you ever purchased?

I bought a CD in Mexico during a high school Spanish trip. I don’t remember the name of the band, but it was traditional Mexican Ranchera music. The production quality was the equivalent of a dude recording himself “singing” into a Realistic tape recorder with a MIDI backing track blasting in the background. Powerful stuff, man.

* Invent a new game show.

A cross between Supermarket Sweep and Iron Chef America


* What isn’t a word but should be a word?

Snirt – snow mixed with dirt


* If you could have an almost useless superpower, what would it be?

The ability to conjure new socks at all times


* Where’s the next place in the world you’d like to go on vacation?

Japan – Okinawa, specifically


* If you could crossbreed animals to make the perfect pet…

Cocker Spaniel/Amazonian Tree Frog


* What language do you wish you could speak?



* What movie quote best sums up your philosophy on life?

“First learn stand, then learn fly.” – The Karate Kid