Mark Joseph-biography

Passionate about music at an early age, Mark took every opportunity to be involved with extra curricular activities that revolved around it. Music followed him wherever he went, be it church, his after-school program, at home, in the shower etc. Regardless, he questioned whether it was the right route for him to take career wise.

At 18, Mark officially accepted that music was his purpose in life when he was looking through his Mom’s old records of his Pre School report cards. One report stated, Mark didn’t seem to like naps and wasn’t the best when it came to sharing toys, but that he was always overcome with joy whenever it was “music time”. This moment validated his passion and helped him feel at ease with his decision to pursue music.

In 2010, Mark graduated from Brockton High School. This is where he started taking music very seriously. His chorus teacher, Penny Knight, was sure to get him involved with as many outside-of-school programs, such as the Vocal Apprenticeship Program and the Young Men’s Ensemble with The New England Conservatory, Opera Boston’s summer teen workshop, the South Eastern Senior District Choir, and show-choir festivals.

Mustering up the confidence his senior year, he decided to audition for the world renowned Berklee and was pleased to find out the he had gotten in. His time at Berklee was fortunately very eventful. He was very active in the Berklee community, performing in on-campus shows/productions, singing reference vocals for songwriters, lending vocals for Music Production and Engineering students, co-writing, singing background vocals for his peers, and more.

One of these many collaborations led to a viral video on Youtube. In December 2013, there was a video uploaded of Mark singing “Oh Holy Night” in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts with Berklee’s Loft Session Music. This video would go on to make a gigantic buzz, being shared all over the web and getting major news coverage.

In 2012, Mark sang “Love On Top” in Deke Sharon’s living room, as a member of Berklee’s Pitch Slapped.  Three years later, after graduating and starting his music career, either in a moment of crazy coincidence, or maybe in accordance with prophecy, he auditioned for and filled the slot that Deke vacated, becoming the newest member of The House Jacks.

Mark Joseph – Fresh Face, Phenomenal Voice

* What’s your favorite backstage snack?

Water or tea.  But not watery tea.

* If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

Keith Sweat

* What’s your favorite bad movie?

Anything in the Chucky series.

* What’s the worst album you ever purchased?

S Club 7, still love em though.

* Invent a new game show.

Cards Against Humanity-America Votes Live-version

* What isn’t a word but should be a word?


* If you could have an almost useless superpower, what would it be?

The ability to always have a fresh haircut

* Where’s the next place in the world you’d like to go on vacation?


* If you could crossbreed animals to make the perfect pet…

Puppy/kitten mix. Imagine a kitten with a puppy personality.  Nothing seems so bad now, does it?

* What language do you wish you could speak?

English cause #rough. Other than that, Italian.

* What movie quote best sums up your philosophy on life?

N/A.  I’ll just leave the mystery there.