John Pointer-Biography

“Looks Human… made of music.”

Troy Dillinger

“John Pointer blows my mind!”
-Monte Montgomery

“You have a lot of fans here, and I am number one among them.”
Jason Newsted

“You are a bad mo$*@(f&cker!  I hope we get to play together!”
 Harry Connick, Jr.

John Pointer (, a.k.a. “Squinty Phil”, grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, got a degree in Cello Performance and Composition from UT Austin and has been a full time musician based there ever since.

He created and led the pioneering a cappella & body percussion ensemble Schrödinger’s Cat (Listen here), and was the beatboxer in the Chili’s Baby Back Ribs commercials. He’s a pretty ridiculous guitarist (seriously… watch a video), played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar and Roger in RENT, has commercially released 9 albums with several different groups, and the Mayor and City Council of Austin declared January 27th 2005 “John Pointer Day”. What?! Yes… evidently they do that down there.  Thank you, tax dollars!

* What’s your favorite backstage snack?
Humble pie

* If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

* What’s your favorite bad movie?
Rat Race.  Shhhhhhhh…

* What’s the worst album you ever purchased?
Not sure, but I did get busted trying to shoplift Aerosmith’s “Permanent Vacation” when I was about 12.  So, that’s a good album I didn’t purchase.  I totally failed this question.

* Invent a new game show.
“Read up!”  Where the contestants have to read a book to the audience, while not losing more than half of them to facebooking on their phones.

* What isn’t a word but should be a word?
Sockpew.  You don’t need me to define it.  It should be in the dictionary.

* If you could have an almost useless superpower, what would it be?
The ability to at any time, in any place, more accurately than anyone on the planet, answer the question, “WTF?

* Where’s the next place in the world you’d like to go on vacation?
Themyscira, or Paradise Island… depending on whether your Wonder Woman is from before or after 1987.

* If you could crossbreed animals to make the perfect pet…
It would likely not end well.

* What language do you wish you could speak?
Esperanto, so that everyone in the world could misunderstand me just the same.

* What movie quote best sums up your philosophy on life?
“It’s a good change.  A gooooood change!” – Men in Tights[spacer height=”30px”]

P.S. what if the face I made in this picture was the direct result of my having just stubbed a toe?