“Beautiful, positive music!”
Amos Lee


Gavin Degraw


“Beautiful music!”
Rachael Yamagata


“You ROCK!”


“You can really F*CKIN’ SING!”
Bonnie Raitt


Austin Willacy is a singer/songwriter who has produced four full-length albums of his original music. He has toured extensively throughout the U.S. as a solo artist and through the U.S., Europe and Japan with The House Jacks. Austin co-wrote the theme song for THRIVE!, and his songs and compositions have been featured on The Sing Off, on national TV in Australia, on Road Rules, NPR, in two documentary films, Word Wars and A Lawyer Walks into a Bar…. and on the demo for a new Sony audio system for Ford vehicles. He has also contributed dozens of soundalike vocals to the Karaoke Revolution & Guitar Hero video game franchises.


Austin is also the director of ‘Til Dawn, Youth in Arts’ award-winning teen a cappella group and has facilitated over 35 youth retreats. Austin has also co-facilitated four Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jams and current serves on the YES! board. He also served on the board of Rainforest Action Network for four years and is in his fifth year of service on the board of the Freight & Salvage. He donates his time and his musical talent to a wide range of educational, social and environmental organizations.

* What’s your favorite backstage snack?
Your mortal soul. In its absence, fresh stone-fruit.

* If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
Heywood Jablomi. Either that or Tat. Tats get a lot of *it.

* What’s your favorite bad movie?
That’s a tough one. To some extent, I feel that anything I like is ‘not bad’. 300 sucked too much to like. Maybe one of the Underworld movies, but not Rise of the Lycans! When I can’t sleep on an international flight my standards are surprisingly low, but I still have to draw the line somewhere.

* What’s the worst album you ever purchased?
Neither Fish Nor Flesh, by Terence Trent D’Arby. From what I recall, it was a concept album about him becoming a vegan. I can get behind the concept, but the album was so bad that after 3 listens I took it back to the store and got my money back.

* Invent a new game show.
Kumbayah! Contestants on Kumbayah! sit around a campfire singing “Kumbayah!” until the studio audience leaves or they do. It’s not high concept, but there are a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists who’ll pay top dollar for advertising.

Actually, strike that! Zero! allows us to take a good hard look at our resource consumption. Contestants are given a number of different resources that they need to use in a way that creates no footprint. The winner is the Zero Hero! Suddenly Kumbayah! sounds AWESOME doesn’t it!?

* What isn’t a word but should be a word?
“Fracquaintance”: someone you don’t know well enough to call a ‘friend’ that you see too often to call an ‘acquaintance’
“Fantra”: being so embarrassed for someone else that your own butt cheeks involuntarily clench in sympathy

* If you could have an almost useless superpower, what would it be?
The ability to fly 3 miles an hour 3 times a day no more than 3” above the ground. Either that or the ability to inspire fantra in all people within 300 feet just by thinking about Meet the Parents.

* Where’s the next place in the world you’d like to go on vacation?
South Africa!

* If you could crossbreed animals to make the perfect pet…
An Arc Spinner spider and the six-legged fire-breathing Agip dragon dog thing. Imagine huge flaming spider webs with a snarling six-legged beastie in its midst! Otherwise, TROGDOR, the BURNINATOR!

* What language do you wish you could speak?

* What movie quote best sums up your philosophy on life?
“You can’t do a free form jazz odyssey in front of a festival crowd.” David St. Hubbins, This is Spinal Tap