Tour wrap up, a homecoming, and a US debut

HJs at TonArt Festival in Illmenau
We’re back in the States!!

We are still recovering from all the fun we had in Germany and Austria. The audiences were all just fantastic and our hosts were all gracious and warm.

You can see pictures from the tour on our Facebook Page:

While you’re there, feel free to “like” the page. All the cool kids are doing it…

Among the highlights of the tour were:

– The most awkward but endearing interview we’ve ever done… on the first night of the tour… which gave us something to laugh about the whole time.
– Singing with so many wonderful vocal groups at festivals in Illmenau, Hamburg and Munich.
– Breaking in our new members Nick Girard and John Pointer (just wait till you see the tag team beatboxing/VP routine they do…)
– Our beloved sound engineer and good friend Jan Leudolph left us a few days before the end of the tour to be with his wife as she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl… and we got to drive ourselves on the Autobahn. Double-win!
– The audience for our last show of the tour, in Schruns, Austria, gave us the most amazing sing-alongs of the tour – including when Deke intentionally tried to throw them off. We got their performance on video and will share that soon. It was totally unreal. There was a section where we got them stomping so hard it shook the camera… directly on the beat!

Like all good things though, it came to an end…

As soon as it was over, Deke, Troy and Nick went to finish the season on the Sing-Off, John continued a short solo tour extension in Belgium and Austin got to work gearing everything up for the show this weekend at the Freight & Salvage.

I’m sorry, did you say Freight and Salvage?!

Yes! Our first show with the new lineup in the United States will also be our homecoming concert at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. It’s this coming Saturday, December 10th, and we’re really looking forward to it. If you’re in the Bay area, we’ll send a couple more gentle reminders this week. Here’s a link to buy tickets if you don’t need the reminders:

We hope to see you there… and remember that tag-team, two-man vocal percussion feature we mentiomed earlier? You’ve got to see them do that thing in front of your eyes…

Thanks for your continued interest. We’ll see you soon,

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